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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Touch Of Reality..

Today willing to write something different.. Not exactly about the politics or Indian Government issues as such! But being 18+ youth what comes in my mind..
Most important thing is Practical Application. Matter could be of any thing. May be some issues highlighted before election and not being taken care of; or mostly what i want to emphasis today is about "Education"....!!
Now a days No. Of new branches and subjects are coming up laying very important role in various industries ie. HR, Management..! thosands of student getting trained with highest degrees of Economics. Where are those people? Don't you think so guys that world's no. 1 Indian 'Lokashahi" and "savidhan" should include these parameters now? Is that so that management people who learn how exactly an " Ideal Leader " should be are just to make use of their knowledge for earning their own bread and butter? Or being sofesticated , educated degree holder should run door-to-door to submit an excellent CV and simply waiting for an opportunity for an interview?
Don't we think so the proper training in human resource management is required for tackling millions of Indian residents?
Don't we think so that all the politician should have desired level of qualification inclusive of HR and Management skill which will certainly help in tackling public problem as calmly and efficiently without making fun of "Indian Democracy?" Don't we think the real need is of oppointing certain people in Economics only to work under Finance Minister ?
If any of small institute can recruit excellent counselors for handling clientele queries , why world's No. 1 Democracy think of op pointing team of counselors for handling Ind0-Pak issues? Certainly experienced politicians doing a job well!! But can't any training session be arraigned inclusive of counseling issues?
If sales team can perform target-oriented giving satisfied results to companies, can the kind of attitude be used for "Indian Economics?"
Where are talent recruiters? Where are diplomatic leaders who get the issue done at proper time rather than simply making ISSUES out of issues? After 60 years of Independence really there is a need of accommodating some designations ? Is there really no point in being flexible and modifying few stuffs which can really push our Dear India on top??
No need of creating 'Adolf Hitler Of India" ..... No need of fighting on age-old topics .... No need of burning Indian Property .... No need of fighting among us .....

Lets beat the devils........ Together............. United.......... With the brains that we have, with the talent that we pamper, enhance, inculcate.. V can... !!! V should...... !!!

These lines absolutely not individualized.. these are " Direct----------- From Dil-Se... !!"

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