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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Seasons changing ??? ? !!!!

 Seasons changing ??? ? !!!!

I remember , in 9th std. our geography teacher told us , very soon global warming will start showing results. Icebergs will melt, many towns will get disappeared under water, seasons will change. In India, 3 specific seasons , Monsoon  will not remain well defined ! Pune was  and will become hill-station ! Trust me , Looking at recent 5 yrs ; i think we must start storing fur-coats as well ! May be withing 2-3 coming yr s we may enjoy sensational snow fall in " INDIA>>Maharashtra>>Pune !! "... !!

Usual time of arrival for pre-mansoon is May end-June ; where monsoon arrives at June 1st -mid of June. 
Hey....... We are reaching highest temp. around 40 -45 c.degrees not in May ; but in March itself !! And guess what ....... !! Its pre-monsoon arriving with shivering N thunders N lightnings....WOooooow! in April itself !! 
Last year Monsoon arrived lately ; rather  than June 1st week it went almost to late July extending upto mid winter ! 

So, really its changing ! Acceleration is high ! Changes will change many things .... wrt current hot topics; crops , agriculture , economy ........ many things.. !!

Things to be noted , Its a "CHANGE" ....... ! Big CHange !

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