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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

About - ITRAJs

Dear All,
Was planning for this post since long.
Simply providing some info useful for ITRAJs  and  other people who want to know about ITRAJs.

Mula-purush:  Yatiraaj.

Origin: Every ITRAJ should be proud to know that we belong to one of the Ucch-Rajkulas. Our Ancestors were in service of Raje-Nimablkar @  Satara. We were looking after a very famous Shri-Ram temple @ Phaltan.

Special Historical Limelight: " Jiwant-Samadhi"

Every ITRAJ should know that one of our ancestor has taken a "living-samadhi" ( Jiwant_Samadhi) at Phaltan. Hardly few are aware about. There is no tile / information displayed yet regarding indication of "Jiwnat-Samadhi" at that place. Any ITRAJ interested can do it willing fully. It is a part of preserving glorious pages of History of ITRAJ family.

Evidences: Mr. Suhas Sadashiv Itraj is still residing at Phaltan. Also taking care of "Shri-Ram".   temple over there as much as possible. He is one of the famous entity in local area ; well known as " Suhas-Kaka" . He is working with local media as well. During his research ; he has found original documents in "MODI" language referencing association of ITRAJs with "Raj-Kulas". Anyone interested can contact him regarding more info.  

Cast: Hindu Brahmin
Sub-cast: Deshastha Rigwedi
Original Place: Phaltan, Satara, Maharashtra, India.
Family God ( Kuldaiwat ) : Khandoba@ Naldurg. Near Tuljapur.
Family Goddess (Kuldewata ) : Tuljabhavani @ Tuljapur.
Guest Lord : Lord Shri-Ram. 

Kuldharma- Kulachar :

1. Those who have "Taak" of family god and Goddess are expected to do tuljabhavani Nauratri.
2. Every ITRAJ can celebrate 9 days festive of " Shri-Ram" Nauratri.  This is celebrated 9 days prior "Ramnawmi" . We have Lord Shri-Ram as a guest lord in our family from " Nimbalkar-Raaje".
3. While performing routine "aarti's" as a part of worshiping  kindly remember to do "aarti" of Lord-Khandoba. This is often missed as not a part of routine bunch of aarti's.
4. Every ITRAJ can celebrate 10 / 11 days ( Till Anant-chaturdashi)of "Shri-Ganesha" Festival.
5. As far as "Mahagauri-Puja" is concern every ITRAJ is expected to check with their parents/grandparents regarding trends in their sub-domain.

How did "ITRAJ" Sir name  appear?
1. Based on MUL_PURUSH. As he was one of the senior and respectable Rishi (called aas Yati in  sanskrit ) ; Yatinche Raaje = Yatiraj was a pronunciation. However along with time it was miss-pronounced and finally established on paper as " ITRAJ".

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