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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today's Discovery....!!!

After a long time had a loooooooooooooooong interactive telephonic conversation with my school best friend. Yes! A realization.! I guess i got exact thread in my hand from where we might lost ourselves..! we are so much involved RIGHT NOW in the world world us; may be few joyful moments, may be few tensions, may be ....what soever..!!

I have no clue about others but what me and my best friend used to do in school was a very fantastic discussion about every thing that we thought is new, that we thought something to learn from, that we thought as a mistake may be... ! Right from school homework to playground stuff, tiffin group problems ..

Actually No subject as such .... but our discussions were fair enough to touch each and every subject..That was an age where maturity per say really develops. we were school going kids, our problems, or our level of categorizing something as "Serious/learning experience" was different. Today we are....Ohhh...! Pretty well grown up adults about to get marry... young, generous, smart, new generation in our families..

Yes! we are changed. our working scenarios , various circumstances we had gone across, our fields are changed, style of living has changed. we used to meet each other. but we were not' WE"
we were two girls knowing each other well, two childhood friends... That's it!But today Ketki in me was talking to "SHE" in my friend.

See, writing this post after a long time! this means i was just living my life for the sake of living. what we usually do are the duties towards family, towards profession. we relax because we need a break from daily schedule. if u are thinking in real manner, u analyze, u discover, u learn. Actually, as we grow , life starts offering more responsibilities. where we need to think about seriously-not only seriously but generously. May be what i can point out in my life is reduced frequency of such an interactive sessions. But as a grown up, i must find out exact solution on it.
Knowing yourself is what is important.

In simple words, creation can never be there unless you are "YOU". we do say each other like "Yes! you are changed! " But this change should not be of loosing one or two excellent cuts of your personality . Achieving something new is all together diff. aspect which can be a welcome change. But We should never loose "WE" ....... Catch these kind of unique moment and keeping the process is what is a challenge in front of you. "WE" are very precious to someone..

All right. Lot many things i realized and i guess it's a peace. When you are unsatisfied or having half of the knowledge ; mind continuously revolves around the thought and a moment comes where in you can feel "Brain-beats " .. So, I think i will definitely stop writing this post.

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