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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Goodbye " Aanand ".....sadest demice of Rajesh Khanna -Kakaji

Good Bye "Aanand" .....
Sadest , highly undigestible , deeply paining truth about Kakaji...India 's 1st ever Superstar!
Inborn stardom of Jitesh ; an adopted child came up via one of the talent hunt boosting him literally high-high-sooo high up in one of the glorious & charming  position in Bollywood with the most melodious stepping stone called "Aaradhna" !

                       Flashback: Remembering the …

         He made not only crowd  but even our big B for "Aanand" ; He anastomized every family & every  member of a layman family together via "Bawarchi"...  Saccha Zutha, Kati Patang , Amar Prem , Hati mere sathi  he was nothing but integration & summation of Success.

         He made his style the most peculiar& famous & loveable - fabulous synchronization between head & hands. Made many many dialogues so special simply cause of his style , his smile , his voice, expressions..............thats all...!! " Pushpa...I hate tears .......... " I guess even sharmila aunty will remember brightly!

        We have seen his successful partnership as a hero with Mumtaz, Sharmila Tagore, Hema Malini, Smita Patil and Tina Munim. On the music front, who can forget his unforgettable on-screen renditions of compositions by R.D. Burman and Laxmikant Pyarelal. And as an actor, he gave memorable hits with Shakti Samanta and Hrishikesh Mukherjee.

         He was a king of Bollywood ; the 1st superhero almost beating every one till an entire decade. He lived life in a king-size way ! He remained into picture may be with Anju Mahendru OR with Tina Munim But finally his wife Dimple kapadia accompanied him till his last moment.

         " I simply have realized the truth again ! May be his depth of greatness made an impact !What YOU are , YOUR name , YOUR looks , YOUR property , YOUR friends ......... What ever it is ; is associated with YOUR body which is given to you for a time-being till you complete one of your inning on this earth asa humans by our dear god. One who is born ; is born to die. We need to take care of our body as it is the only surviving tool for us on this earth as humans. As this body gets older ; like a cloth soul changes so called body.  Its better to be good & kind with everyone till YOU are here ! Make others happy ; use this Golden opportunity of Human Life."
         He was the dearest papa of twinkle & rinkly ; an adorable husband of dimple ; nanaji of Aarav , Father-in-low of Akshay kumar & Our "kakaji "...........
                                               Unke fans ; hamesha unkehi rahenge... !!

Another 2012 hit to Bollywood , to entire Indians is loss of this legend.....An unhealing loss !
Hard to believe but has began his journey of - Life after death .... May his soul rest in peace........!

- For Rajesh Khanna

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