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Friday, December 21, 2012

21 Dec. 2012- End Of the World

First of all let me thank god giving me life to write this post & these words.
Today, Dec 21st, 2012 passing quietly & calmly.  There were stories about World will end on this date based on ancient Maya Culture Calender.

Maya culture was pretended to exist before 5ooo years & were expertise among astrological science. Myths & rumors said their calender has 21st Dec. 2012 as a last date of world. However, today news bulletins focused was not so & their calender exists till 4772 yr ; where we are just in 2012. NASA statement supports the view.

Proud to say , Mohan Date, Panchang Creater of Date Panchanga gave a statement on Zee 24 taas news channel saying NASA & Indian astrology are ultimately based on science & mathematics. Even Indian Astrology says there are 4 crore years of kaliyug where we are just in 5ooo year of the same. There is much more time to go for our dear mother earth. Brahma dev who is responsible for LIFE on earth has 50yrs of life which are not earth years. These 50 yrs of life are equivalent to many crore years of we human beings.

Conclusively, 2012 was little terrifying , more disastrous year begint with Japan-Tsunami on the very first day of the year. This year was a bad patch / slag for many of us across the word. We came across many financial & corruption problems in this year. We lost many gems of Bollywood.
Let me promise you to summarize before updating the post & wish you all a very happy, healthy & wealthy year ahead. * Rather years, I must say !! :)

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