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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year, Eve!

HI all !
Posting this sharply at prime time when many of us must be having a sound sleep ; as after 24 hrs they want to live the blast as lively & awakingly as possible ~! Planning parties ; hangout plans for new year?

I saw a crowd yesterday evening protesting against late night blash. I agree &; support the view. I saw a fabulous poster comparing holly mornings of " gudhi-padwa " v/s all youngster
 " Talirams" at 31st Dec. night.


Police needs to be aware as its a peak breeding time for accidents ! Delhi & all India protesting rape cases where unfortunately victim expired in a recent serious case. Still there are happenings around right from 5-12-42-62 yr old female victims falling prey of !

Govt. of India ; handling these protests in their way giving all of us a warm surprise by slightly highlighting upcoming pries-hike in petrol, natural gas , diesel soon !

Northen India , Nagpur & much of India dreaming now in their woolen , furry blankets! Enjoying winter nights sharply after 6-6:30 pm ! Aahhhh.....but much of a part of Maharashtra is still seeking for mercy of govt. just for " 2 Bund jindagike ! " It s not Polio vaccine am talking about but tremendous draught not at the end of Indian summer but even continuing till end of Indian winter. People not having water to drink , pets not having grass to eat.. !! go through few links below , but trust me after going through this brief writeup , happenings in India on social, economical, cultural , political level .....apart from 31st I simply have a question in mind -
" By any ways , does it sounds like anything to celebrate? " Yup ! because this time, I really feel how to celebrate is not an issue at all ! Should not be , infact !!


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