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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valntine's day 2013

Dear all,
Many many wishes for Valentines day! As all of us are aware about the fact that it is being celebrated for remembrance of Saint Valentine; I remembered Hindu god & goddess who are being  live portrate of love ; are always & always close our heart.

Right from Gokul, Vrindawan , Dwarika to straight here in Kaliyug 2013; Every moment is a valentine day moment even after thousands of years when we remember dear lord Krishna. We worship "Bal-Krishna" ; " Radha-Krishna" ! There are thousands of appearances of Krishna throughout his journey of life where we fall in pray of each and every look of him !

कृष्णा कशी रे लागली
तुझिया बोटाला,
कृष्णा कशी रे लागली रक्ताची धार ?

माझ्या मंदिरी नाही एकही चिंधी, शालू शेले अपरंपार !
तुझिया बोटला !

दारी धावली कृष्णा ऐकुनी श्रीकृष्णाची हाक
करांगुलीचे रक्‍त पाहुनी कळवळली क्षण एक
डोळां ये पाणी, फाडिली जरतारी पैठणी
तुझिया बोटाला !
गीत - वसंत कानेटकर
संगीत - वसंत देसाई
स्वर - सुमन कल्याणपूर
चित्रपट-इये मराठिचेयी नगरी (१९६५)

Everyone who can listen Geet-Ramayana with eyes closed & heart open ; will truly fall in love with
" Sawla ramachandra " ; in today's words tall, Dark, Handsome divine personality :) We respect, we bow infront of him 'cz of his love & affection towards being "Ek-Ptniwrata" & " Maryada Purushottam " .  Celebration is always small beautiful pits of cheeks & eyes full of uncoded words.


पाहुनी रघुनंदन सावळा लाजली सीता स्वयंवराला

नक्षीदार अति रम्य मंडपी
जमली सारी थोर मंडळी
उभी जानकी जनकाजवळी
घेउनी, धवल फुलांची माला

धनुष्यास त्या दोर लावण्या
शूर पुरुष तो कुणी धजेना
काय करावे काहि सुचेना
न्याहळी, दुरुनी श्रीरामाला

मुनीवरांना मान देउनी
उठले रघुविर असे पाहुनी
मनासारखे येता जुळुनी
नाचते, हर्षभराने मिथिला

गीत  रमेश अणावकर
संगीत वसंत प्रभू
स्वर  लता मंगेशकर

Do celebrate Valentines Day. It is a celebration, expression of feelings , opening hearts ( All right, this time without Dr. Jagdish Hiremath Sir & his open heart surgery. :-p) ; But do remember we are born in a country full of love, we are always surrounded by love , we are tought to identify shades of love & we are tought to live with love without leaving boundaries of Love. Identifying, realizing & making into practice a true aspect & definition of love will be the true celebration of Valentine's day I guess.. :)

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