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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Best B'day Wishes

Wishing you O- dear friend,
a healthy-wealthy life;
on this day of your b'day
may god blase you fine !

May the glory of success
follow you at every time
may the peaks you cross
will give you the further line|

May the touch of divine beauty
be with you all the time
may you get surrounded
with blessings of all guys|

may you get the best teacher
to teach you the right -N-wrong
don't you forget O..Dear;
Experience- the only god |

May you make the mistakes
teaching you for lifetime
making you rough-N-tough
still nourishing you from inside|

May you be the king
king of forgiveness
may you become brave
while committing your foolishness|

some great intuition
once hammered my head
tears rolled down
and there- rang your cell !

Hold me O-dear friend
if am being brave
won't you show now
your touch of forgiveness?

may your soft voice
make thousands happiest
may the smile found your name
and rest your cheeks finest!

neither to disturb you
nor for the sake of your reply
wishing you O-dear friend
All my best wishes
for your further achievements

- 18/8/2006|12:40

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